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Year of Release: 2013
Genre of the Series: Drama
Size of the Full Season: 5,46 GB
Quality: BluRay
Series Director: Frank Darabont
Amount of Episodes: 16
Language: English
Resolution: 720p
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Set several months after the events of the previous season, the season continues the story of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), who relinquished his leadership in order to live a quiet and more peaceful life in contrast to his cold-hearted nature in the previous season. Striving to hold onto humanity, Rick and his fellow survivors struggle to maintain their close to an ideal life at the prison as problems arise in the face of new evil, and threats within and outside the premises, including the reappearance of The Governor (David Morrissey).

Rick's group has brought the survivors from Woodbury into the prison, and Rick has renounced leadership of the group. The prison has proven a safe haven for many months, while Michonne continues to search for The Governor, fearing his retribution. Patrick, one of new survivors comes down with a fatal illness, dies, and reanimates as a walker.

The reanimated Patrick manages to attack other survivors in a cell block, and the group is forced to kill off those bitten and relocate the others to a different block. They discover a deadly flu strain, brought by pigs that Rick tried to raise, affecting some of the survivors and which killed Patrick, and isolate those infected, fearing they will reanimate when they die. Tyreese discovers his girlfriend Karen and her friend David, both considered infected, were killed and burnt by someone unknown.

The illness continues to spread, and Hershel takes responsibility to stay with the infected to tend to them. Daryl leads a group to a nearby veterinary college to recover medicine to cure the illness, though en route, overhear a radio broadcast directing people to "sanctuary". Rick discovers Carol killed Karen and David, acting on her own but for the good of the survivors.

Daryl's group completes their run to the hospital, while Rick and Carol go scavenging for supplies at a local residential area. After trying to help a couple return to the prison, only to have the wife die and the husband disappear. Rick tells Carol that she cannot come back to the prison, and the two depart on separate ways.

The infected survivors begin to succumb to the illness and reanimate as walkers, forcing the survivors to start to kill their friends, but Daryl's group returns in time for Hershel and Bob to help administer the medicine and cure the remaining infected. Carol's absence from the group is noticed, but Rick only confides in his choice to a select few. As the survivors recover and try to return to a regular routine, they are unaware they are being watched from afar by The Governor.

In a flashback episode, The Governor is abandoned by Martinez and Shumpert following his attack on the prison. He sets Woodbury ablaze, and later encounters the Chamblers, Lilly, Tara, Lilly's daughter Meghan, and their dying father. He hides his identity while helping them to deal with their father, and the three opt to leave with him when he moves on. They come across another group of survivors - this being led by Martinez.

While still in flashback, Martinez recognizes The Governor has taken a new identity and privately explains how he found this new group and their arsenal of weapons. The Governor senses the group is weak, and with the power of their arsenal, believes he can secure the prison for a safe haven for the Chamblers. He kills Martinez and his right-hand man, taking charge of the group, and organizes the group to head to the prison. The Governor, observing the prison, sees Michonne and Hershel outside its fence, burning the corpses of the infected.

The Governor captures Michonne and Hershel and challenges Rick and the others to abandon the prison. Though Rick offers co-existence, The Governor refuses and decapitates Hershel, and gunfire breaks out. In the midst of battle, Lilly rushes up to The Governor with the body of Meghan, who was bitten by a walker while playing. The Governor shoots Meghan to prevent her from reanimating and then orders a full-out assault of the prison, tearing through its fences and allowing a horde of walkers in. The survivors in the prison are forced to scatter when they no longer can hold down their defenses. At the same time, Rick and The Governor engage in a one-on-one brawl in which the latter gains the upper hand, only to be mortally stabbed by Michonne just before he can kill Rick. Rick escapes with Carl, while the near-death Governor is approached and executed by Lilly.

Carl helps his injured father Rick as they flee the prison and fearful they have lost Lori's child. They take shelter in a suburban home, and Rick collapses from exhaustion. Carl scavenges nearby homes for supplies. Michonne, finding the prison overrun and no sign of the survivors, sets off on her own, but comes to an epiphany about her purpose, and follows Carl and Rick's trail, rejoining them at the home they have taken shelter at.

Daryl helps to protect Beth as they flee and search for survivors. Tyreese, having saved Lori's child Judith, escorts young sisters Lizzie and Mika, and is soon joined by Carol. Maggie, Sasha and Bob find the bus from the prison, the survivors inside dead and reanimated as walkers, though Maggie is relieved that Glenn is not among them. Glenn, having been knocked unconscious at the prison, finds a frightened Tara and helps to lead her to safety, coming across Abraham, Eugene and Rosita in their travels.

As Rick, Carl and Michonne rest up, their home is discovered by a group of men called Claimers, and they are forced to abandon it, later finding signs towards "Terminus" along railroad tracks. Glenn and Tara learn that Abraham and Rosita are escorting Eugene to Washington, D.C. as he knows how to stop the walker outbreak once there.

Beth continues to travel with Daryl, and becomes distraught she might die before having a drink of alcohol, something Hershel prevented her from having. After scavenging through a country club and only finding peach schnapps, Daryl takes her to a cabin he had found earlier that was used to make moonshine, and tells her that is a proper drink. As they get inebriated, Daryl sadly discusses his past and what Merle meant to him. They decide to burn down the cabin as a way of putting their past behind them.

While following signs to Terminus, Maggie, Sasha, and Bob disagree on what they should do. Maggie, still anxious about Glenn's fate, leaves on her own. Bob leaves to follow her trail, while Sasha decides to remain in a small town and ultimately save Maggie from a horde of walkers and agrees to continue with her. Daryl and Beth come across a church where they take refuge, but when the church is invaded by walkers, Daryl covers for Beth's escape, during which she is captured by someone in a car with a white cross on its back windshield. Daryl is suddenly captured by another group of men.

Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika and Judith follow signs to Terminus and come across a cabin which they plan to take a few days of rest in. During this time, Tyreese and Carol find Lizzie has an unhealthy fascination with walkers. Later, after coming back with supplies, they find Lizzie has killed Mika and is about to kill Judith, hoping they will come back as walkers. Carol and Tyreese agree Lizzie is too dangerous to keep around, and Carol is forced to kill her. Carol opens up about having killed Tyreese's friend Karen, which he forgives her for. They leave the cabin and continue to Terminus.

Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita continue towards Terminus, and they find a sign by a tunnel written by Maggie to Glenn. Abraham fears the tunnel too dangerous but Glenn and Tara proceed. They are surrounded by walkers but saved by Maggie, Sasha, and Bob; the combined group continue to Terminus as a waypoint towards Washington, D.C. They find Terminus and are welcomed with open arms. Meanwhile, Daryl is forced to travel with the men that captured him, the same Claimers that Rick encountered, and learning they are on Rick's trail for having killed one of their own.

The Claimers catch up to Rick, Carl, and Michonne. When the Claimers threaten to sexually assault Michonne and Carl, Rick breaks his restraints and with Daryl's help, kills the rest. The four continue towards Terminus, but Rick is wary and leaves their weapons hidden before they enter. Inside they are guided by Gareth, who welcomes them. Rick spots gear belonging to the other survivors and demands to know what is going on. Rick's group is forced into a boxcar at gunpoint where they join up with Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita, all also captives of the Terminus residents. Rick asserts that they have picked the wrong people to mess with.

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