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Year of Release: 2013
Genre of the Series: Comedy
Size of the Full Season: 18,5 GB
Quality: WEB-DL
Series Director: Chuck Lorre
Amount of Episodes: 24
Language: English
Resolution: 1080p
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During the summer Penny and Sheldon bond over missing Leonard. Penny calls Leonard, who is partying on the ship, clearly not missing her. Penny suggests exchanging secrets with Sheldon, saying she was topless in an unreleased horror movie - not new to Sheldon, as Howard found the clip when they first met. Sheldon's "secret" is disliking YouTube's new rating system - trivial to Penny, who almost leaves in annoyance, but stays and apologizes on realizing she hurt Sheldon's feelings. Leonard shows his shipmates Penny's movie. Meanwhile, Raj talks to the recently divorced Mrs. Davis at a university function, apologizing to her after initially insulting her with inappropriate statements. He insists he is not hitting on her, but later tells Howard they "had a moment". At a biology convention, Amy and Bernadette are surprised when two men buy them drinks. Bernadette implies Amy's enthusiasm stems from her hunger for romantic affection from Sheldon, but they make up until Bernadette reveals she was attracted to the man resembling Sheldon, Amy preferring the one resembling Howard.

Leonard surprises Penny by arriving back early and hiding in her apartment. He asks her to keep it a secret from Sheldon, so they can spend some time alone. Sheldon suspects that Penny is cheating on Leonard when he finds clear signs that someone else is in her apartment. Bursting into Penny's place to catch her in the act, he and Amy find Leonard there. Sheldon gets mad at Leonard for not telling him he is home, and refuses to believe anything he says, though with Howard's help they eventually reconcile. Meanwhile, Howard experiences weight gain and mood swings; he had applied estrogen ointment to his mother without gloves, so absorbing it through his skin. Raj reassures him in a way that's just too intimate, shocking Bernadette.

After the gang blows off Raj's murder-mystery party, he creates a scavenger hunt with ten clues to guide the winner to the location of a gold coin. They first propose making each couple a team, but Leonard suggests picking names out of a hat instead. Penny gets angry, assuming Leonard proposed this to avoid being stuck with her. The teams are Sheldon and Penny, Howard and Amy, and Leonard and Bernadette. Penny and Sheldon both do well figuring out clues as they race around Pasadena. Bernadette is very competitive, whilst Leonard is more worried that Penny is mad at him. Amy and Howard, who have not been alone before, bond over a mutual love of Neil Diamond music. Finally, Raj reveals he slipped a gold coin into everyone's pocket so that all would win: his goal was to teach the value of friendship. To his dismay, Leonard, Penny and Bernadette are angry there is no clear winner despite all their efforts, and chase him out of the apartment. Howard and Amy abandon the hunt and sing Neil Diamond songs in The Cheesecake Factory.

Amy and Sheldon watch Raiders of the Lost Ark. When he asks her what she thought of it, Amy considers Indiana Jones superfluous as the story's outcome would have been the same with or without him. After spoiling the movie for Sheldon, he tries to find something Amy loves and spoil it for her. Sheldon watches Amy's favorite TV show Little House on the Prairie with her and points out historical inaccuracies. Amy, realizing his purpose, says he should just let her know if he is angry, not seek revenge. He complies; Amy apologizes. For her psychology class, Penny buys The Disappointing Child (in which Leonard's mother wrote about his childhood problems), upsetting Leonard. So Penny goes out of her way to comfort him; he takes advantage of her sympathy. Howard finds out and unsuccessfully tries it with Bernadette, who tells Penny about Howard's trick. Penny now sees through Leonard and takes revenge by wearing a babydoll outfit, only to leave a pantless Leonard skyping with his mother. Meanwhile, Raj and Stuart, depressed when women checking out their newly-uploaded online dating site profiles leave no messages, realize they don't need dating sites, and decide to move on.

Amy tells Sheldon she will be working on an experiment at Caltech and asks Sheldon how he feels about it - no problem for Sheldon until Howard explains he would not want to work with Bernadette and be with her day and night. Sheldon withdraws his approval, but Amy says she will still take the job. The next day, Amy is even madder at Sheldon when he embarrasses her at lunch in front of her colleagues. At home, Penny and Leonard explain to him that Amy is right, so he goes to her apartment and apologizes, but re-offends her by saying she can be difficult to put up with. Sheldon mentions Howard's comments to Bernadette, who then confronts Howard and gets mad after he tries to deny his statements, forcing Howard to stay at Raj's place. Bernadette later comes over to apologize. Howard promises to spend more time with her, but only after he and Raj finish their video game, once again enraging Bernadette. At the Cheesecake Factory, both Amy and Bernadette are upset with their significant others. Penny assures them that Leonard will set them straight; instead, the guys play skeet shooting with lasers and balloons.

Sheldon calculates how to synthesize a new, stable superheavy element, but then realizes that his discovery was erroneous, which spoils his achievement and makes him feel a fraud. His friends, co-workers and the scientific community praise him, but Sheldon just wants it to stop. Amy finally tells him he does not deserve the attention, for Sheldon the most romantic thing Amy could ever say. Howard has everyone join him in performing a song he wrote for Bernadette to commemorate the anniversary of their first date. When Bernadette is quarantined after an accident at her lab, Howard and the gang sing the song for her at the hospital. Leonard says Penny never does anything romantic for him. Even Raj's advice fails to inspire her, and she tells Leonard she wishes she could be as romantic as he, showing him a box of dozens of mementos, examples of his romantic gestures during their time together. Leonard is shocked, finding it incredibly romantic that Penny kept these things.

Sheldon, Leonard and Amy run into Dr. Arthur Jeffries (Professor Proton) at the drug store. Arthur emails Leonard to ask him to review his recent paper. Sheldon wonders why he was not asked; Amy says he comes across as annoying. Sheldon goes to apologize to Arthur, but annoys him more. The next day, Sheldon informs them his new friend is another famous TV scientist, Bill Nye "the science guy". After Sheldon and Bill leave, Arthur asks Leonard why lives with Sheldon. Leonard explains he is the smartest person he knows, despite his quirks, and they need each other. Though Leonard's answer moves him, Arthur lets Sheldon read his paper only after seeing Penny in the guys' apartment. Meanwhile, Howard crashes in on Raj and the girls making jewellery during girls' night, and takes over by offering them better equipment, upsetting Raj. Howard joins the girls again for another girls' night; Raj feels left out but cannot express his feelings. Raj mocks Howard, who apologizes on discovering how much Raj's feelings were hurt. Feeling bad, Raj makes a pair of lightsaber belt buckles using techniques Howard taught him.

While rummaging through their closet, Leonard finds a DVD he rented using Sheldon's card, that should have been returned seven years before. Leonard desperately asks Sheldon not to flip out, and he shockingly remains calm and agrees. He makes Leonard wear an itchy sweater until the DVD issue is resolved, so that Leonard can, metaphorically, walk in Sheldon's shoes. Leonard searches for the DVD store (long out of business), then for the owner (deceased), then the owner's (nonexistent) next-of-kin, all the while getting a bad rash from the sweater. Sheldon eventually tells Leonard he had discovered the DVD and paid the fine years before, and that he just wanted him to learn the lesson. Penny meets Lucy, Raj's ex-girlfriend, at the Cheesecake Factory and is mad at her for breaking up with him by email. Lucy calls Raj to have coffee to apologize. Raj hopes they can get back together, but Lucy reveals she is now dating someone else. Penny then sets up Raj on a date with her friend Lizzy, but Raj freaks out in front of her.

The gang spends Thanksgiving at Mrs. Wolowitz's house. As she is laid up in bed, Raj, Bernadette and Amy cook. Penny recalls her Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with her ex-boyfriend Zack, and a "fake" wedding. Her friends tell her the wedding was real, so she is legally married, causing tension between her and Leonard. Howard vainly tries to bond with his father-in-law, Mike, who instead starts to bond over football with Sheldon, who is apparently very knowledgeable as he was forced to watch the game with his father as a child. After Mike shares beers with Sheldon, they continue to hit it off. Amy orders Sheldon to apologize to Howard after insulting him. A now-drunk Sheldon gestures to Amy, says to Mike, "Ain't she great?", and then swats her on the rear and suggests she get them more beers. Amy is shocked, but delighted at the physical attention. Meanwhile, Penny has invited Zack over to sign the annulment papers to end their marriage (to the excitement of Raj, Bernadette and Amy). Zack is at first reluctant to sign, expressing concern at how ending the marriage will affect their non-existent kids. Penny demands he sign, and he does. Mike finally compliments Howard, but then attributes his kindness to being drunk. Penny and Leonard reconcile.

Sheldon walks out of an interview with Ira Flatow on NPR's Science Friday after Flatow refers to Sheldon's heavy element discovery being accidental. Amy has Wil Wheaton talk with Sheldon about how to deal with unwanted fame. Later, Leonard reveals having disproved the existence of Sheldon's heavy element. This infuriates Sheldon, who can now deal with fame and feels Leonard took away the one thing that made him famous. Sheldon's fury peaks when Barry Kripke berates him over Leonard's findings. Sheldon and Leonard argue with each other on Science Friday, while an embarrassed Amy and Penny listen. While Raj's apartment building is being fumigated, he and his dog, Cinnamon, move in with Howard and Bernadette for a week. Though Raj is very kind and helpful, his presence highlights deficiencies in Howard and Bernadette's relationship, leading them to quarrel. Eventually Raj is thrown out, and moves in with Leonard and Sheldon. He immediately gives Amy and Sheldon relationship advice; after he advises Amy to be patient with Sheldon's limits on physical contact, she makes Raj leave.

Sheldon is in Texas to help with his sister's home birth, but is as usual totally self-absorbed and unsympathetic to his sister's discomfort, and no help at all. Between video calls, his friends wonder how their lives would be had they never met him (as in It's a Wonderful Life). Penny notes Leonard would have been too afraid to date her, Bernadette thinks she would not be with Howard because of his strange friendship with Raj, and Leonard speculates Penny would be living with Zack. Amy suggests Penny would have tried to seduce Sheldon in Leonard's absence, while Howard notes he would be caring for his mother even after her death (as in Psycho), and Raj and Leonard suggest they would now be obese flatmates owing to Raj's cooking and Leonard's loneliness. Amy thinks she would be sad and alone. After Amy encourages Sheldon to be with his newborn nephew, Raj observes that Amy has significantly influenced Sheldon, as evidenced by her picture on Sheldon's screensaver. On returning home, Sheldon tells Amy he would have preferred her to have been in Texas with him (or instead of him). In a final Cheesecake Factory scene with Howard and the obese Raj and Leonard, Leonard asks Penny out; she turns him down to reveal she is dating an extremely cool Stuart. The scene changes to reveal this as Stuart's fantasy whilst sitting alone in the restaurant.

Penny is ecstatic to get a minor role on NCIS but is devastated when her scene is cut. Whilst comforting her, Leonard accidentally suggests her scene would have made no difference to her career, which upsets her. She demands he honestly tell her his opinion on her acting, and he admits to believing she has unrealistic ambitions for success. Later realizing his honesty may have hurt Penny, Leonard brings her an offer to audition for a part in the new Star Wars movie by submitting a video. Penny gets drunk and proposes to Leonard after thinking the only good thing in her life is him. Because Penny is upset and drunk, Leonard hesitates to answer, so Penny leaves, thinking their relationship might be over. Raj and Stuart go to the mall to improve their ability to talk to women but only talk to the security guard. After realizing no-one finds him funny, Sheldon wants to learn to become more humorous and attempts to develop a universal theory of humor. He bores Amy by asking which words she finds funny. Amy meets up with Howard and Bernadette. Bernadette admits to Howard she often fakes a laugh at his jokes.

Penny quits the Cheesecake Factory to concentrate on her acting career. Despite saying he supports her, Leonard is not thrilled with her quitting. Meanwhile Sheldon, forced into taking vacation time, ends up tagging along with Penny. He says he supports her decision, comparing it to his devoting his life to becoming a physicist. Leonard eventually says that though he could not take a risk like hers, he is proud of Penny for doing so. Geologist Bert brings Amy pretty rocks each day to hit on her. She is oblivious until Howard and Raj point it out. Despite telling Bert she has a boyfriend, Amy is guilt-tripped into attending a "mineral and rock show" with him. Howard and Raj talk to Bert to get Amy out of it, and they attend the show with Bert instead. Bernadette accidentally damages one of Howard's comic books, and heads to Stuart for help. As he does not have the issue, he reluctantly takes her to a rival store. The owner, Jesse, insults Stuart, so Bernadette scolds Jesse and leaves without the comic. She later returns to Jesse's store alone and continues to berate him, nevertheless purchasing the comic.

After the guys fail to obtain Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon wants to create his own comic book convention. He decides to ask James Earl Jones, the voice of Darth Vader, to be the celebrity guest at his new event. Sheldon finds out where Jones is eating and approaches him. Unlike most of Sheldon's idols, Jones is not turned off by Sheldon's obsessive personality and hero-worship. Jones takes Sheldon out for a night on the town, visiting an ice cream parlor, a carnival, and a strip club, doing karaoke together ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), ringing Carrie Fisher's doorbell and running away, and finally visiting a sauna, where Sheldon begins to get somewhat sick of Jones's company. After he learns the guys did not get Comic-Con tickets, Jones invites Sheldon and his friends to be his guests and promises to take Sheldon to Tijuana every night. Meanwhile, Leonard, Raj, and Howard plan to meet with a ticket scalper to get tickets, but chicken out to avoid trouble. The girls go to a tea room to "feel adult", but only mothers and their daughters are there so they move on to the bar and wonder what is so great about being adults since acting as "proper" grown-ups is quite boring.

Amy plans a romantic Valentine's Day for her and Sheldon by having dinner with Howard and Bernadette on the Napa Valley Wine Train. Sheldon finds a friend in Eric who is equally crazy about trains, ruining Amy's plan. After she confronts him, Sheldon points out that Amy proposed the trip in the first place, prompting her to confess her trick and say she "deserves romance". Sheldon gets angry and offers her various sarcastic romantic gestures, including drinking wine, staring into each other's eyes, and kissing; however, the supposedly fake kiss becomes a real one, marking the first time Sheldon initiated physical contact between the two. Sheldon even seems to like the intimacy, as he invites Amy to visit the train's engine with him. While Leonard and Penny are supposed to be sitting Raj's dog Cinnamon, she eats the chocolates Penny gave Leonard. They rush her to the vet and are joined by an outraged Raj, who connects with the vet, Yvette, since both own dogs and disapprove of what Leonard and Penny did. At home, a surprised Raj discovers she gave him her phone number.

Leonard and Penny decide to get a dining table for the apartment so that they no longer have to eat around the coffee table. Sheldon objects to the change, blaming Penny for changing Leonard, though Amy has changed Sheldon. Unhappy with this and that Amy told them about the kiss, he decides to break up with Amy. Amy, who has been alerted, agrees to break up, but blocks Sheldon's plan by convincing him that Leonard is manipulating him. Amy feeds Sheldon arguments against Leonard, but goes too far when she suggests they move in together. Finally, Amy and Sheldon eat together on the sofa, with the others at the table, until everyone pities Sheldon and all end up back at the coffee table. NASA asks Howard to revisit the International Space Station. He has forgotten his horrible first time, and eagerly wants to return. Bernadette holds an intervention where Howard is reminded he would have to go through survival training again. Howard finds a way out by phoning his mother during his blood pressure test, thus failing his physical.

Penny informs the group she has turned down a role in the sequel to the bad horror movie she starred in. Later, Penny's car breaks down leaving her no way to get to auditions, so she considers resuming her Cheesecake Factory job. Leonard surprises her with a new car, so she can further pursue her acting career. Sheldon insults Howard, and Bernadette wants to know why he always does so. Sheldon details a decade of abuse. Howard wants to be a better friend, and invites Sheldon to a weekend in Houston when Sheldon can visit NASA and his mother. On the flight, both are frightened by clear-air turbulence and each admits respecting the other as a friend without whom life would be empty. Raj asks Amy to reply to Emily who contacted his dating website. Raj thus appears too passive, turning her off. She and Amy have much in common and enjoy tea together until Raj interrupts them, putting off Emily and ruining any chance of friendship with either.

Sheldon and Howard drop in on Sheldon's mother Mary, but flee after Sheldon sees her having sex. Sheldon returns, gets into an argument, and is sent to his room. After Howard tells him he once drove away an admirer of his mother, Sheldon apologizes to Mary, saying he will outwardly accept her choice whilst inwardly condemning her hypocrisy in going against her religious beliefs. She forgives him and commends his good Christian attitude. The rest of the gang is roped into a murder mystery dinner arranged by Raj, with Stuart as the corpse. "Traveling" to the future envisioned by Raj, Leonard and Penny broke up because of their successful careers. The pair argue what they would do if one were required to abandon a dream for the other's success. Stuart says they are the best couple he knows. Penny accidentally reveals being the murderer, ruining Raj's game. Whatever happens, Leonard suggests they all meet in front of the apartment in 20 years for dinner. In that future, only Stuart shows up.


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