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Year of Release: 2015
Genre of the Movie: Horror
Size of the Movie: 685.71 MB
Quality: DVDRip
Film Director: Christopher Ray
Length: 01:32:10
Language: English
Resolution: 720p
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The film opens with a bloodied hand speaking to a 9-1-1 operator. "They're all dead. It's my fault," he repeats over and over to the operator, who is vainly attempting to get more information from the voice. The camera zooms out to reveal the house's current owner, Rafkin (Richard Grieco), a disheveled mess. He drops the phone, and lumbers toward a large, closed door, screaming, "Take me! Take me!" The door opens, there's a flash of light, then nothing.

The scene switches to Ben and Linda Williams (Gerald Webb and Diahnna Nicole Baxter) driving up to the house where they are greeted by a realtor, who refers to himself as "Paul" (veteran actor Bill Cobbs) and shows them the house. "So you're an architect," he says. "We've been in need of an architect here for quite some time."

The film is solid in it's horror. It creates a feeling of dread almost from the very beginning. However, Ben's descent into Hell is just a bit too abrupt. In almost a heartbeat, he goes from happily optimistic head of the household, to a brooding, vacant shell, obsessed with what he refuses to acknowledge. Getting back to the mood of the film, the use of horror stings for that "jump-out-and-shout-boo!" effect on the audience was, in this reviewer's opinion, extraneous. Grieco was excellent in setting the feeling of dread, and did not need such gimmicks. Just his staring down on his prey gave you all the fear necessary. Also, in a rare complaint, the audience was a bit unforgiving in Steeples' performance. Known for his lighter, comical roles, Steeples did an excellent job of portraying Lucas St. Michelle, the voodoo priest, down to the iris-less eyes and the rituals performed. It saddened this reviewer that they could only see Darnell Turner of "My Name is Earl," and not a shaman performing an authentic-looking voodoo ceremony (that was holy water, not vodka!).

On my personal rating scale of with '5' being drop everything and see the movie now; if you're female, bear the producers' children and '0' being burn down the theater, murder the movie staff, and violate their dog, this movie earns a '4.5,' using my Patented Bell Curve for Independent Horror Films. A HOUSE is NOT a HOME has been tagged by the production company as the "First Urban Horror Film since 'Blackula,'" which is a misnomer, since the action takes place in a large, suburban single home, in the middle of nowhere. The film does boast a primarily African-American cast, with enough star power to light up any darkened night, though. However, the true test of a good horror film is when the audience stops laughing at every little bump and jump, and gets very quiet. Screaming is a good barometer, but silence means the audience is too scared to scream. That's when you know the film has gotten them by the throat, and won't let go. And it is with this approval of the audience that this film will endure.

A HOUSE is NOT a HOME is unrated, but with a generous amount of coarse language, some horrific images, and some blood and gore, this film will solidly rate into the 'R' rating category. In other words, this is not one for the tiny tots.

A HOUSE is NOT a HOME is currently doing the film festival circuit, but when it becomes available or is released in theaters, grab your date, grab the popcorn, and go.

Oh, one more thing, don't rush out during the credits, Director Christopher Ray has one more little goodie for you, so hold your bladder just a little bit longer. You will not be disappointed.

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